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Original PCWHDA Membership at the 1928 convention in British Columbia
The Pacific Coast Wholesale Hardwood Distributors Association was founded in 1924 in San Francisco as a cooperative effort to promote fair business practices and communication between wholesale hardwood distribution companies along the West Coast. Born out of the boom following the 1849 Gold Rush, the Pacific Coast hardwood lumber industry had grown substantially by the first decades of the twentieth century. The resulting competition could have created animosity within the industry, but it was recognized that success occurred as a direct result of cooperation.

Today, the PCWHDA continues to provide networking opportunities to owners and executive managers within the hardwood distribution industry. Members discuss relevant topics such as industry practices, government regulations, and labor relations, as well as other critical issues, at the group's annual convention.

Benefits of membership

  • Networking opportunities with industry collegues
  • Annual Convention
  • Informative Professional Speakers
  • Sectional reports by geographic region
  • Financial operating survey

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